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GalleriesNow Features Children of the Flood

Children of the Flood tells the story of a fictional future era in which Kannosto imagines that humanity is forced to confront and reexamine its place in the ecosystem in the wake of a Great Wave. In this tale, humans return to the sea after tens of thousands of years, in a “reverse evolution,” and conceive of new ways to survive together with the life forms around them. While directly engaging with the urgency of climate change, the works are also imbued with humor and a tremendous sense of optimism, underscored by Kannosto’s deep appreciation for the natural world. Kannosto pulls stylistic and narrative inspiration from myriad sources, including comics, childhood memories, Greek and Roman mythology, religion, and popular culture to tell his stories. The choice of clay as a medium is significant because it is a material that, in his words, has “had magic, beliefs, desires, and knowledge molded into it from the beginning of time.”

In Children of the Flood, groupings of divers, mermaids, and various chimerical creatures develop new structures for family and community. Hybrid beings with human and aquatic features have evolved in response to the changing conditions of their surroundings. This is emblematic of the artist’s faith in humanity and in our ability to adapt and forge connections in the face of adversity. 

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